TUF 12 Finale Weigh-In Results

Saturday, December 4, 2010

By FCF Staff

The twelfth season of “The Ultimate Fighter” will come to a conclusion tonight in Las Vegas, as lightweights Jonathan Brookins and Michael Johnson will fight in the season’s championship bout. The card, which will be broadcast on Spike, will also feature a light-heavyweight bout between Stephan Bonnar and Igor Pokrajac. (Pictured: Demian Maia will fight Kendall Grove at the TUF 12 Finale)

Here are yesterday’s weigh-in results.

Michael Johnson (156) VS Jonathan Brookins (154)
Igor Pokrajac (205) VS Stephan Bonnar (205)
Kendall Grove (186) VS Demian Maia (186)
Rick Story (170) VS Johny Hendricks (171)
Leonard Garcia (145) VS Nam Phan (146)
Aaron Wilkinson (155) VS Cody McKenzie (154)
Tyler Toner (146) vs Ian Loveland (145)
Kyle Watson (156) VS Sako Chivitchian (156)
Nick Pace (138*) vs Will Campuzano (136)
Pablo Garza (146) vs Fredson Paixao (145)
David Branch (185) VS Rich Attonito (185)

*Pace was two pounds over- he will forfeit a percentage of his purse to Campuzano
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Strikeforce Weigh-In Results and Photos

By FCF Staff; Photos courtesy Strikeforce

Here are the official weigh-in results for Strikeforce’s “Henderson vs. Babalu” card tonight in St. Louis, which will see Dan Henderson face former light-heavyweight champion Renato "Babalu" Sobral in the main event. (Pictured: Henderson (left) and Sobral face off)

The card will be broadcast on Showtime.

Weigh-In Results

Dan Henderson (204.5) vs. Renato "Babalu" Sobral (202)
Scott Smith (170) vs. Paul Daley (169)
Matt Lindland (185.5) vs. Robbie Lawler (186)
Mike Kyle (219) vs. Antonio Silva (263)
Benji Radach (205.5) vs. Ovince St. Preux (205.5)
Fernando Bettega (170.25) vs. Wayne Phillips (171)
Justin Lawrence (155.5) vs. Max Martyniouk (154.5)
Terrell Brown (208.25) vs. Patrick Dummins (205.5)
Cortez Coleman (184.75) vs. Lucas Lopes (185)
Tom Aaron (155.5) vs. Matt Ricehouse (156)
Lee Brousseau (204) vs. Mike Glenn (207.25)
Booker DeRousse (185) vs. Coltin Cole (185.5)
Josh Epps (127.5) vs. J.W. Wright (130.5)

Daley (l) and Smith
Lawler (left) and Lindland
Silva and Kyle (right) square off

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Henderson and Sobral “Different Fighters” for Rematch

Friday, December 3, 2010

By FCF Staff

While rematches in mixed-martial-arts happen all the time they usually don’t take place ten years after the fact, which is what will happen Saturday night in St. Louis, when Dan Henderson fights Renato “Babalu” Sobral for the second time. The two first met in the ring in February, 2000, when Henderson (pictured) scored a majority decision win over Sobral, while competing in a Ring’s tournament.

Having fought numerous times since then and spent countless hours training, it’s no wonder both Sobral (36-8)and Henderson (25-8) aren’t taking much away from their first encounter. Speaking at a press conference yesterday in anticipation of Saturday’s Strikeforce card, here is some of what the former champs had to say about their rematch.

Dan Henderson

“I don't care if I respect an opponent or not; my goal is to win, to go in there and beat the other guy up. It's no secret. I am going to look for a KO.

“I don't care if he absorbs strikes well. I hit harder than the other guys.

“I leave my opponents up to (Strikeforce CEO) Scott Coker and the fans. If they really want me to face someone, I will.

“You can’t take anything from the first fight with Babalu. I’ve never even looked at a tape.’’

Renato Sobral

“Everybody wants to be a world champion, everybody wants the title. I’ll fight anybody that brings me closer to that.

“This will be a tremendous fight, don’t worry about that. I’m as prepared for this fight as I can be and will do whatever it takes to finish the fight.

“I’m happiest when I am in the cage and can share my passion with the crowd and TV audience.

“We are totally different fighters than we were 10 years ago.’’

Saturday’s “Henderson vs. Babalu” card will be broadcast on Showtime and will also feature Scott Smith vs. Paul Daley, Mike Kyle vs. Antonion Silva, Benji Radach vs. Ovince St. Preux and Robbie Lawler vs. Matt Lindland.

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New FCF Radio with Scott Smith

Thursday, December 2, 2010

On this episode of Full Contact Fighter Radio, host Jeff "wombat" Meszaros and co-host James Kellaris share their poorly-thought-out predictions for the finale of The Ultimate Fighter, this Saturday.  Who is the guy that Stephan Bonnar is fighting?  How do you even pronounce his name?  What is he doing on the main event?  Does this reek of Rashad Evans vs. Sean Salmon?  What about the rest of the event? Then it's time to talk about "Strikeforce: Henderson vs. Babalu 2" where Dan Henderson faces Renato "Babalu" Sobral for the second time in his career.  Will he be able to handle Sobral for a second time?  What happened in their first fight?  Does that even matter?  Tune in for the answers to these burning questions, as well as a smattering of off-topic banter. 

Then hang around as we discuss the rest of the card, where Matt "The Law" Lindland fights Robbie Lawler and Antonio "Big Foot" Silva faces Mike Kyle. Like that isn't enough, we bring in Scott "Hands of Steel" Smith to chat about his match with Paul Daley, and share his opinion on the rest of the event.  How do we provide such quality week after week?  Our guess: fearless determination in the face of insurmountable obstacles.

To listen to the show head here.
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AFC 4 Video: Robert Drysdale vs. Clay Davidson

Below is video of  BJJ champion Roberty Drysdale's second pro fight versus Team Toshido's Clay Davidson. The bout took place November 6th at Amargeddon Fighting Championship's fourth event.

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Video: Scott Smith's Greatest Hits

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Johnson vs. Brookins Set for TUF 12 Championship

By FCF Staff

A bout between Jonathan Brookins and Michael Johnson will co-headline this Saturday’s “Ultimate Fighter” Finale card in Las Vegas, Nevada. As last night’s Spike TV broadcast revealed, Brookins utilized his wrestling to score a thorough decision win over Kyle Watson, while Johnson narrowly got by veteran Nam Phan, earning the split decision nod.

Despite not advancing to the finals of the competition, several of the TUF 12 competitors will fight Saturday night, as Cody McKenzie will take on Aaron Wilkinson and the aforementioned Watson will fight Sako Chivitchian.

The card, which will be broadcast live on Spike, will also feature a light-heavyweight bout between Stephan Bonnar and Igor Pokrajac in the main event.

Here is the official line-up to date for Saturday’s TUF 12 Finale.

Stephan Bonnar vs. Igor Pokrajac
Michael Johnson vs. Jonathan Brookins
Demian Maia vs. Kendall Grove
Rick Story vs. Johny Hendricks
Rich Attonito vs. Dave Branch
Pablo Garza vs. Fredson Paixao
Will Campuzano vs. Nick Pace
Kyle Watson vs. Sako Chivitchian
Ian Loveland vs. Tyler Toner
Cody McKenzie vs. Aaron Wilkinson
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Video: Henderson vs. "Babalu" Trailer

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

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“King Mo” Lawal Expecting March / April Return

By Kelsey Mowatt

While Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal will end his 2010 campaign on the sidelines, and without the Strikeforce light-heavyweight title, the former champ’s year is coming to a close with some good news to report. Lawal is recovering faster than expected from the surgery he underwent this past summer, to repair the knee he injured during his TKO loss to Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante on August 23rd.

“Oh man, everything’s great. This aint no interview great or you know how people just say ‘I’m one hundred percent,’ this is for real. My knee is good; I’m hoping to be back in March or April,” said Lawal, who originally was expected to be sidelined until next summer. “That’s how confident I am.”

While Lawal is no stranger to knee injuries, the accomplished wrestler was able to fight eight times in just under 24 months, after beginning his pro MMA career in September, 2008. This time, however, the injury required surgery to replace both the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments in his left knee.

“Last time I had surgery I think I came back a little too soon,” Lawal told FCF. “I think that weakened my knee. When I fought Mike Whitehead, Mark Kerr, (Gegard) Mousasi, I think my knee was getting weaker and weaker.”

After utilizing his wrestling to dominate Mousasi through five rounds for the Strikeforce championship in April, Lawal demonstrated again why he’s widely considered to be one of the sport’s fastest rising commodities. While most observers expected Cavalcante to present Lawal a significant and serious challenge in August, many were surprised to see not only Lawal lose to Cavalcante, but how he performed during the bout.

“Here’s the thing, my biggest weapons in MMA are my feet, my movement and my takedowns,” Lawal stated, when asked to discuss the impact the knee injury had on his performance that night. “I couldn’t really move like I wanted to. I didn’t really try to take Feijao down; I didn’t really shoot on any open shots because I knew I was hurt.”

“Other than that single leg I was working and he was elbowing me in the head, that was the only time I really shot,” Lawal added. “I didn’t shoot any double legs because I couldn’t bring my trail leg up, which is my left leg, to finish any takedowns. Even when I threw a jab, it felt funny, I could feel my knee was giving.”

While Lawal is adamant that injuring his knee that night reduced his abilities to win, he understands that injuries are part of the sport and credits Cavalcante for winning the fight. That said, the charismatic fighter also believes that some of his critics are overlooking the circumstances, which contributed to his first professional loss.

“I had people saying that I choked under pressure, well, I wrestled for 12 years so I know I’m tough,” Lawal said. “Oh yeah, you lost, you’re not that good,’ ‘You’re overrated,’ you know how some fans are, people will talk trash. I don’t care about that. In some ways I’m happy I lost because now I know what I need to work on.”

Lawal isn’t the first fighter to admit that he has grown as a result of defeat, and with his recovery going extremely well, he has big plans for 2011.

“I’m hungry, I’m coming back and I’m going to get that belt back,” Lawal stated. “I’m not worried about it. Now when I fight it’s going to be ugly. People are going to get hurt for real.”

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Sam Stout Ready to Sign Bout With Paul Kelly

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

By Kelsey Mowatt; photo courtesy Adrenaline Training Center

Canadian lightweight Sam Stout is preparing to sign a bout agreement to face Britain’s Paul Kelly, at UFC 126 on February 5th, which will set in motion his second fight with a British competitor in less than five months. Stout, who is coming off a split decision win over the United Kingdom’s Paul Taylor on October 23rd, expects Kelly to do the same.

“It looks like I’ll be fighting Paul Kelly,” Stout (16-6-1) told FCF today. “I just have to sign the bout agreement and fax it back in. Then it will be official.”

While both Kelly (11-3) and Taylor are two of Britain’s more accomplished lightweights, and both have forged reputations for being resilient and entertaining fighters, Stout believes the similarities end there.

“I think Taylor is a really good stand-up guy, a really good kickboxer; he obviously has a long reach,” said Stout when asked to compare the two fighters. “They do train together, so I’m sure there’s going to be a few similarities but I think Paul Kelly poses the biggest threat when it comes to his top control, his ground-and-pound. That’s his biggest asset.”

While Stout had to deal with Taylor’s 6’0 tall frame and his reach advantage in their memorable October clash, Kelly matches the Canadian’s height at 5’9.

“I think he’s not as experienced as a kickboxer and he doesn’t have that reach,” said Stout about Kelly, who is coming off a TKO stoppage of T.J. O’Brien on November 20th. “Guys with a long reach always give me a hard time so it will be nice to not have to deal with that. But I think Kelly is a bit stronger; he poses his own unique threats.”

The decision win over Taylor left Stout’s 2010 record at 2-1, as the Shawn Tompkins trained fighter earned a UD victory over Joe Lauzon in January, before losing by split decision to Jeremy Stephens at UFC 113 in May. Despite the fact that once again, Stout was involved in an entertaining and competitive fight that went to a narrow decision, the 26 year-old-fighter doesn’t think a rematch with Taylor is in order.

“I don’t think so,” Stout stated. “I know it was a close fight but I feel like I won the fight. I’ve been on both ends of close decisions and just because it was close doesn’t automatically mean you get a rematch.”

“When that fight was over I thought I won it decisively,” Stout added. “But when I went back and watched it I saw it was a lot closer than I originally thought. That’s what the judges are there for. I think sometimes there’s too much bitching and moaning about decisions. It happens; there’s no point complaining about it.”

While Stout will now focus his energy on the upcoming bout with Kelly in Las Vegas, the London, Ontario resident is quick to concede that he’s already looking forward to later in 2011, when the UFC comes to Toronto for the first time.

“Definitely,” said Stout. “It’s something I’ve never been able to do. It will be a dream come true for me to fight in Toronto. Through my whole career, all through my MMA career and kickboxing, I’ve never really fought in Ontario. So I’m pumped to get in there.”

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Cox vs. Hinchliffe New Main-Event for TFC “Devastation”

By FCF Staff

The Fight Club’s upcoming December 10th, “Devastation” event has a new main event, as the Edmonton based promotion has announced that Chase Degenhardt is injured and will no longer face middleweight Craig Brown as scheduled. In its place, Chad Cox (5-2) will now face former King of the Cage Canadian champ Nich Hinchliffe (17-6) for the vacant TFC Canadian middleweight title.

Hinchliffe will head into the bout having won back-to-back bouts over Daniel McWilliams and most recently Mike Hackert, after being submitted by UFC vet Kalib Starnes this past July.

Cox is coming off a unanimous decision loss to Nordine Talbe at the recent W-1 card on October 23rd, which was the Nova Scotia fighter’s first appearance since 2008.

“Hinchcliffe and Cox are both top level Canadian middleweights and we would be proud to have either as our Canadian champ,” TFC president Mark Sinclair was quoted saying in a press release from the promotion. “Degenhardt, Brown, and (Cody) Krahn will all be in line for our new champ’s future title defenses.”

Here is the line-up to date for the December 10th “Devastation” card, which will be hosted by Edmonton’s Shaw Conference Center.

185 lbs: Chad Cox (5-2) vs. Nick Hinchliffe (17-6) for the CND MW. Title
205 lbs: Victor Valimaki (16-8) vs. Karl Knothe (17-6)
170 lbs: Rio Wells (4-0) vs. Louis Carles (7-2)
155 lbs: Dia Grant (2-3) vs. Alex Ricci (0-0)
135 lbs: Sy Jewett (2-0) vs. TBA
155 lbs: Steve Beaumont (1-0) vs. Eric Andre (2-0)
170 lbs: Mike Scarcello (1-0) vs. Brandon Dumais (0-0)
Hvywt: Tom Benosocky (1-3) vs. Bobby Kalmakoff (2-7)
185 lbs: Travis Quesnel (1-0) vs. TBA

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Kyle Confirmed As Overeem’s Replacement

Monday, November 29, 2010

By FCF Staff

Strikeforce has announced that Mike Kyle (pictured) will step in for in the injured Valentijn Overeem, at the promotion’s December 4th event this weekend in St. Louis, and will fight heavyweight Antonio Silva. Overeem was forced to withdraw from the bout due to an elbow injury.

Kyle (18-7-1) will take the bout having last fought on November 5th, when he stopped Stephen Oliver in the first round while competing on an Xtreme MMA card in Sydney, Australia. Kyle is undefeated in six bouts and has not lost since December, 2009, when he was tapped out by Fabricio Werdum.

Silva (14-2) is coming off a unanimous decision win over Andrei Arlovski in May, after losing by decision to the aforementioned Werdum last November. The loss marked the first time Silva had lost since December, 2006, when he was stopped by Eric Pele.

The December 4th, “Henderson vs. Babalu” card will be headlined by a light-heavyweight bout between Dan Henderson and Renato “Babalu” Sobral. Some of the other bouts scheduled for the card include Robbie Lawler vs. Matt Lindland and Scott Smith vs. Paul Daley.

The card will be broadcast on Showtime.
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Guymon to Fight Johnson at “Fight for the Troops 2”

By FCF Staff

Eleven bouts are official for the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s upcoming, January 22nd, “Fight for the Troops” card in Killeen, Texas, as a welterweight tilt between Mike Guymon and DaMarques Johnson has been added to the card. The event, which will take place at Killeen’s Fort Hood and will be broadcast on Spike, will see Kenny Florian take on rising lightweight Evan Dunham in the main event.

Guymon (12-4-1) has gone 1-2 in the Octagon thus far, after being submitted by Rory MacDonald at Fight Night 20 in January, the former King of the Cage champion worked his way to a unanimous decision win over Yoshiyuki Yoshida in May. Most recently, at UFC 121 in October, Guymon was tapped out by Daniel Roberts with a first round Anaconda Choke.

Johnson (11-8) is coming off a stoppage loss to Matt Riddle at the second UFC on Versus card in August, after earning back-to-back victories over Edgar Garcia and Brad Blackburn. Johnson’s only other official UFC appearance took place last June, when he was submitted by James Wilks in the finals of the ninth season of “The Ultimate Fighter.”

Some of the other bouts that are scheduled for the January 22nd Fight for the Troops event include Matt Mitrione vs. Tim Hague, Mark Hominick vs. George Roop, Pat Barry vs. Joey Beltran and Cole Miller vs. Matt Wiman.

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Daniel Cormier vs. Devin Cole Set for January 7th Challengers

By FCF Staff

Rising heavyweight Daniel Cormier will fight Devin Cole in the main event of an upcoming January 7th, Strikeforce Challengers card. Cormier announced the bout on his official Twitter account and FCF has since confirmed the fight with Strikeforce representative Mike Afromowitz. No location for the event has been announced yet. (Pictured: Cormier punching Gary Frazier)

Cormier will head into the bout having gone 6-0 since the highly decorated wrestler transitioned into professional MMA last year. Most recently, Cormier tapped out Soa Palelei in the first round with strikes, at a MMA Xtreme event in November. In his last Strikeforce appearance, which took place at the promotion’s “Houston” event in August, Cormier stopped Jason Riley in the first round with strikes.

Here are some of the comments Cormier posted about the fight on his Twitter account.

Jan 7 on showtime vs Devin cole. Finally heading a card lol. Please tune in so that I can keep getting on Tv lol. Gonna be fun. DC

Devin is tough he's fought rothwell, kristoff and others. He's 18-8 I have 6 fights.

Cole (18-8-1) last competed in September, when he lost by unanimous decision to Aaron Rose while competing under the Shark Fights banner. Prior to that, the International Fight League veteran had won five straight, and was undefeated in seven consecutive bouts.

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Jason Day vs. Craig Brown Headlines Jan.28th Wreck MMA

Sunday, November 28, 2010

By FCF Staff; Photo Courtesy Wreck MMA

Jason Day will try to put an end to his two fight-losing streak on January 28th, as Wreck MMA has announced that the UFC veteran will face middleweight Craig Brown, in the main event of the promotion’s upcoming card. “Strong and Proud” will be hosted by the Hilton Lac Leamy in Gatineau, Quebec. (Pictured: Day)

Day (19-11) tapped out boxer turned MMA fighter Trevor Stewardson last June, following the veteran’s release from the UFC, but has since dropped back-to-back fights to Jesse Taylor and Ovince St. Preux.

Brown (7-3) is coming off a submission loss at the hands of Nick Hinchliffe in May, while competing under the Aggression MMA banner, after tapping out Chase Degenhardt at a Wreck MMA event in April.

In the January 29th card’s co-main-event, another UFC vet will be in action as Mark Holst will face Markhaile Wedderburn. Holst (8-3) went 0-2 in the Octagon, losing to John Gunderson and most recently Paul Sass, after going 8-1 to begin his career.

Wedderburn (9-8) will head into the bout having lost three straight; most recently at a Fight Club card in September, he was submitted by Ryan McGillivray.

Here is the line-up to date for Wreck MMA’s “Strong and Proud” card.

Jason ‘Dooms’ Day vs. Craig ‘Farmer’ Brown

Markhaile 'Showtime' Wedderburn vs. Mark ‘Boots’ Holst

Nathan ‘Gunner’ Gunn vs. Louis ‘The Joker’ Carle
Dimitri Waardenburg vs. Remi ‘Bam Bam’ Morvan
Mike Reilly vs.  Robin Black
Rory McDonell  vs. Jesse ‘The Body Snatcher’ Ronson
Amer Hussein vs. Mustafa ‘Mufasa’ Khalil
Vito Attanasi vs. Jeff Harrison
Brett Biederman vs. Jeffrey Laughren
Aika Mateka vs. Peter Montrait
Christopher St-Jean vs. Marc Lefebvre
TBA  vs. Stephane Bernadel
TBA vs. Anna 'Smiles' Barone
TBA vs. Wes Ranger (Florin’s MMA, Kanata)
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