Final Line-Up Confirmed for Sept. 5th Pancrase

Friday, September 3, 2010

By FCF Staff   Pancrase has released the final line-up for the promotion’s upcoming September 5th, Passion Tour event, which will be hosted by the Differ Ariake in Tokyo, Japan.

Headlining the event will be a light-heavyweight tilt between accomplished Pancrase competitor Ryo Kawamura and the veteran Yuji Sakuragi. Kawamura (12-5-2) is coming off a second round stoppage of Hidetada Irie at a Sengoku Raiden Championship card in June, while Sakuragi (11-16-1) last fought in February, when he was TKO’d by Christian M’Pumbu at Deep 46.

Here is the complete line-up for this weekend’s Pancrase 2010 Passion Tour card.

Main Event Light-Heavyweight 3x5 min rounds
Ryo Kawamura vs. Yuji Sakuragi

Semifinal Bantam weight K.O.P. title defense 3x5 min rounds
Manabu Inoue vs. Tashiro Akai Pro Bout #7

Pancrase Athena Rules 52.5kg 2x5 min rounds
WINDY Tomomi vs. Monica LovatoPro Bout

#6 Flyweight 3x5 min rounds
Mitsuhisa Sunabe vs. Shinpei TaharaPro Bout

 #5 Welterweight 3x5 min rounds
Masahiro Toryu vs. Akihiro Yamazaki

Pro Bout #4 Lightweight 3x5 min rounds
Daisuke Hanazawa vs. ERIYA

Pro Bout #3 Featherweight 2x5 min rounds
Kenji Arai vs. Soyu Tanabe

Pro Bout #2 Featherweight 2x5 min rounds
Hideo Matsui vs. Masaomi Saito 

Pro Bout #1 Welterweight 2x5 min rounds
Kentaro Abe vs. KusaMAX