UFC Announces Accident-Insurance Coverage for Fighters

Monday, May 9, 2011

By FCF Staff

Fighters under contract to Zuffa LLC, the parent company of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and Strikeforce, will now have additional resources to assist them when they are forced to withdraw from a bout due to injury. Zuffa has announced today that it has reached an agreement with Houston Casualty Insurance Company, which will provide insurance coverage for nearly 350 fighters under contract, that get injured while training or in non-training incidents.

According to the news release posted on the official UFC site, the new policy adds 24-hour worldwide medical life insurance and dental coverage, as well as emergency medical evacuation. Zuffa will pay 100 percent of the premiums for its athletes and have an employee dedicated to handling and filing all claims.

Previously, as per athletic commission regulations, Zuffa was responsible for covering the medical costs fighters required as a result of a bout; however, fighters were not covered for injuries they incurred during training camp.

“Our athletes are some of the very best in the world and we’ve committed significant financial resources to provide them with insurance that complements the gold standard we have set for event-related coverage,” UFC Chairman and CEO Lorenzo Fertitta was quoted saying in the official news release. “We’re pleased to provide coverage that enables our athletes to seek and receive treatment for injuries sustained while preparing for bouts.”

No financial figures regarding the cost of the new agreement between Zuffa and Houston Casualty Insurance were included.