New FCF Radio with Trainer, Brock Lesnar Coach, Greg Nelson

Saturday, May 7, 2011

On this episode of Full Contact Fighter Radio, host Jeff "Wombat" Meszaros and co-host James Kellaris review the matches of "UFC 129: St. Pierre vs. Shields."   First, what is going on with Georges St. Pierre?  Can anyone challenge him?  Can anyone take his belt away?   Or stop him from doing the same thing to them again and again for five rounds?  Tune in and hear what we have to say.  Also, if GSP was so much better at striking, why was it that he was the one who left the Octagon with a smashed face while Shields left looking his Sunday best?  Why wasn't GSP able to knock Shields out?  We have a variety of interesting thoughts.  Also, what about Mark Hominick vs. Jose Aldo?  Who was it that gave all five rounds to Aldo?  Did they even see the last round?  Come on.  Plus, Machida vs. Couture?  We honestly don't think there's much to say besides that Couture should never fight again and Steven Seagal is very likely paying fighters to say he taught them stuff.  What other explanation could there be?  Those are just a few of the nuggets we touch on as we cruise down a river of conversational gold.  

Then we call up MMA coach Greg Nelson to chat about training Brock Lesnar and his Ultimate Fighter team in Las Vegas.  Tune in and hear some answers to the questions burning a hole in your brain.  It's more than you deserve, but we're too jaded to care.

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